Vampire Hair Restoration is a regenerative treatment performed to reawaken dying or dormant hair follicles so they produce healthy hair strands. One’s hairstyle helps define the personality, and hair loss is a very distressing situation. Thankfully, at The Oasis Medical Aesthetics, we deliver a customized, non-invasive solution. The earlier it is performed, the more effective it is. If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding or see the part on your hair widening, meet with us about this groundbreaking treatment.

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Achieving Strong, Vibrant Locks With Vampire Hair Restoration

Every hair on your head is anchored in your skin by the “follicle.” The hair strand forms at the bottom of the follicle, which gets its nourishment from the nearby blood vessels. With time, the hair-producing capacity of the follicle can diminish, with the follicle shrinking and becoming dormant. This may cause excessive shedding and, eventually, balding. With a Vampire Hair Restoration treatment, the natural regenerative capacity of the cells is triggered, restoring hair follicles to function in a healthy manner, producing thicker, stronger strands of hair.

How Does Vampire Hair Restoration Work?

This procedure has several steps. First, we create a regenerative blood-based serum to inject into the scalp. After a blood draw (which is like a normal blood test), the sample is processed to concentrate “growth factors.” The growth factors in the serum signal proteins that stimulate cell growth and healing.

When injected into the scalp, the growth factors bind to the receptors on the surface of the targeted cells. These natural proteins function as chemical messengers to the cells of the hair follicles, encouraging cell proliferation.

What Can I Expect From the Vampire Hair Restoration Procedure?

The procedure involves numbing your scalp. Eve Du focuses on ensuring her clients have an experience with minimal pain, as a pain management professional, she uses a product that limits discomfort.

After the blood is processed in our specialized equipment, it is injected in a grid pattern into the thinning areas of the scalp. The serum is then applied topically, and a microneedling procedure can be performed to deliver the maximum quantity of the healing blood-based serum into the targeted areas.

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Why am I Losing My Hair?

Hair loss is often hereditary but can also be associated with hormonal changes, medical conditions, certain medications, childbirth, deficiencies, illnesses, or stress. The most common reason for the onset of hair loss is heredity. The Vampire Hair Restoration treatment is a science-based regenerative treatment.

Male pattern baldness

In men, hair loss is typically hereditary or age-related; as the hair follicles weaken, the hair strands become thinner and finer and easily break. Male pattern baldness is triggered by a male sex hormone, DHT. This hormone damages the hair follicles. The solution lies in treating the underlying cause of hair loss and restoring health to the hair follicles, so they produce thicker, healthier strands of hair with more volume.

Female pattern baldness

Female pattern baldness appears differently. The hair typically starts to thin on the crown of the head, first noticed when the hair part widens and becomes more visible. The condition is common during menopause, as estrogen hormone levels begin to decrease.

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Cellular Medicine a science-based approach to hair restoration

Eve Du is a certified Physician Associate with a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular medicine. She is also a certified Vampire® provider and a member of the Cellular Medicine Association who has an intuitive understanding of PRP-based treatments.

Over her years in practice, she worked with acclaimed plastic surgeons and dermatologists. She brings a superior level of knowledge to every non-surgical hair restoration treatment. If you dream of restoring your hair but dread the idea of undergoing surgery, Vampire Hair Restoration may be an ideal solution.

Can Vampire Hair Restoration Work For Me?

If you are seeing the early signs of hair loss, it is the ideal time to undergo this treatment. The earlier it is performed, the better the results. At The Oasis Medical Aesthetics, your Vampire Hair Restoration in Southlake will be performed by a medical professional whose approach is grounded in cellular medicine and who uses the most advanced techniques for natural hair restoration.

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