No Surgery, No Incisions - Just a Fresh, Lifted Look

One of the gold-standard procedures we offer is a custom thread lift with barbed threads in Southlake to reposition the facial tissues. This custom treatment can take years off your appearance and brings two important benefits. It restores sagging skin to a more youthful location while triggering natural collagen production to build firmer, healthier skin over time, with no surgery required.

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A Custom Thread Lift For Results That Look Beautiful and Natural Every Time

To give your face and jaw a more toned, lifted look, The Oasis Medical Aesthetics founder Eve Du inserts thin, dissolvable sutures under your skin. These threads have tiny, painless barbs that improve facial contouring as she tightens them. Even though the threads don’t injure you, your body’s self-healing mechanism is triggered, enhancing collagen production to give you a younger look. You can get a thread lift in Southlake with barbed threads to subtly lift the:

  • Browline
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Jawline and jowls
  • Under-eye area

The Treatment Process

What does the thread lift treatment feel like?

When you walk into our private, boutique med spa, you can be confident that your thread lift will be safe, performed with the best techniques, and will produce a natural outcome. A thread lift with barbed threads is a minimally-invasive way to firm and lift your skin, restoring sagging tissues to a natural, youthful position with delicacy and precision. We ensure the treatment is pain-free and use a specialized numbing cream for greater comfort.

How long does it take to undergo a custom thread lift?

A thread lift with barbed threads in Southlake generally takes less than an hour. We will have you recline and then prep your skin by cleansing it. To maximize your comfort during the procedure, we will also apply a topical anesthetic. Dr. Du uses a blunt-tipped cannula to insert the barbed threads into the treatment area. There may be some tightening or light pressure under your skin. You can feel empowered and confident when you see the refreshed “new you” that appears after a thread lift. The barbed threads serve to hold the tissues gently in place.

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After The Procedure Look younger and refreshed in just minutes with minimal recovery time

You should take the rest of the day off to rest so your skin can settle. You may experience some swelling, bruising, bleeding, or slight pain at the thread injection sites, but these minor side effects typically resolve quickly. We recommend you sleep on your back following your procedure and that you avoid high-intensity workouts for the first week or so. You should see results once the threads are inserted, with your outcome improving in quality over the days and weeks ahead, as your skin produces more natural collagen. You may need several days off after undergoing a thread lift so that any minor swelling or bruising can fully subside. The results of a custom thread lift can last from one to three years.

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Why Choose Us? Innovative, personalized care in Southlake, TX

The Oasis Medical Aesthetics founder Eve Du gained extensive training and experience working as a Physician Associate with some of the nation’s top plastic surgeons at the MD Anderson Cancer Center Department of Plastic Surgery. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology and is a certified Vampire® provider and a member of the Cellular Medicine Association, an internationally respected organization at the forefront of cellular regenerative medicine. She has an unparalleled vision in aesthetics and overall expertise in this field. Call today to see how her skills can benefit you with a thread lift with barbed threads in Southlake.

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